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    • Chimo Park Community Association is neighbours looking after neighbours. Chimo Roads South and North, a subdivision located at the far north-east end of Black Donald Lake, is comprised of approximately 60 seasonal and full-time properties. Association fees are $350.00 per year.

      This incorporated organization provides peace of mind by keeping property owners informed of important issues that may affect them, and reducing the cost of necessary repairs; for example, performing summer and winter maintenance of the roads.

      Black Donald Lake merges with Centennial Lake for a combined total of 30 km, ending at the town of Griffith. The majority of the land surrounding the lake is owned by the Crown, resulting in very low-density population and minimal water traffic. Chimo Park is also at about 1000 feet elevation; just a little bit closer to heaven!

      Included with this property are two voting shares of a 150-acre registered conservation forest owned by 22 property owners within the subdivision. This conservation area contains 14.5 km of marked, well-maintained trails and a pond, and is perfect for hiking and snowshoeing. Conservation fees are $90.00 per year.

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